Monday, October 13, 2008

Chilly weekend!

This weekend was great, but quite chilly. The beautiful autumn weather turned cold on Friday, and it ended up snowing a great deal of the weekend here in Salt Lake. E and I were not in Salt Lake, however. Friday night we spent in Deer Valley with E's company for a company party. It was fantastic, I am so happy E found a job that he loves.

Then on Saturday we went to the farmhouse. The weather at the farmhouse was cold and chilly, but mostly dry. We spent a lot of time inside sleeping, playing games, coloring and chatting. Joe came along, and it is great fun getting to know him better. I couldn't be happier for Chelsea. The photo above is Joe, Chelsea, and E giving Joe's dog Cody some snuggles at the farmhouse.

Here are two photos of a Spring City field that had been watered overnight, and thus frozen.

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