Monday, September 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Point {autumn splendor}

After a very cold and very dreary week, the beautiful sun returned on Saturday. I was so thankful. I was not ready for winter clothes yet, and winter activities with two little active people sucks. One can only go to Chuck E Cheese so often. ;)
Going to Thanksgiving Point Gardens both in the spring and the fall each year are among my favorite days ever. We make a day of it, going out to dinner on the way home and wear our cutest clothes in hopes of fantastic photos.

Late September is an amazing time to see the garden. The roses are in full bloom again and everything is at their peak. Plus, walking abound in the warm September sun ranks #2 on what I love best in life (my family is number one of course).
Plus, the slanted September light makes everything extra spectacular.

She loves to model for me. I ask her to sit in a specific spot and she happily agrees.
Plus, now she's got her "cheese" face down pat. The more neck she's showing, the more excited she is. Some photos you can't even see her face, just her kissable neck. Ha!

The secret garden is always among my favorite place. The walled garden brimming with flowers makes the most perfect backdrop for every type of photo.
I wanted to get a photo of the kiddos in the same spot I had such good luck last year. I promised them candy if they could stay sitting, and James says "I know! Take a picture of me hugging the sweet gurla". My heart melted. Look at his face, looking at her with such pride and love.
And, with Daddy behind the lens and Mommy doing some amazing comedics, we got this gem.
His cheese face is almost as good as his sister's. Instead of the "show neck" angle he decided for the "show ear" angle. I can't get over how silly and sweet he is.
I really adore these kids. Really really.

And how much they've changed? Of course. Always love a good Then & Now.


And way way back, in the same spot as above, 2010!

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  1. Awww! Lovely photos! I love their 'cheese' smiles! I love that you are in several of then too! ;)


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