Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Juliet is 19 months!

Juliet is now 19 months. Not today, or even yesterday did she turn the grand 19. No, instead I completely forgot about her monthly photo shoot this weekend, sorry about that 'sweet gurla".

James has been calling Juliet "sweet gurla" (because he can't say "girl") for over six months now. It is so endearing and sweet that the name kinda stuck, so in addition to baby girl, babe, sweetie, love bug and a million other variations, our new favorite nickname for Juliet is sweet gurla.

Juliet can talk. Like tons and tons of words. She uses words correctly that I don't remember teaching her, and has started to put two words together. She says "please" and "thank you" at the right times (I know?!!!) and still throws an epic fit when she's not getting her way.

She goes to bed like a CHAMP and wakes up happy (which is new for us, up until this point she'd wake from both her naps and night is such a bad mood). She is generally pretty easy and fun to be with, as long as you don't strap her in the car seat and expect her to behave longer than 30 seconds.

Her favorite color is yellow and points it out all the time. It may be the only color she knows, but she'll gladly point it out any time she sees it.

Food sometimes is great, other days is a huge fight. One day she'll gobble something and the next day not touch it, turning her nose up at the very idea. Berries are still this gurla's favorite, and she'd eat berries and grapes all day and night if I let her.

She's never had much one-on-one time with either parent, so James starting preschool leaves some much needed time for Juliet and I go bond without a three year old intruder. So far we've been to parks, fabric stores and drown our sorrows about James's first day in an entire case of raspberries at the farmer's market.

Sweet baby girl, I adore you. More and more each day. I can't get over that you are mine, and I am yours. Happy 19 months (a few days late!).

I decided to take the camera on our walk up the street today. This girl decided to show off her modeling, she is experienced, you remember. Oh those lips, those lashes, that pose! ;)
"Oh, modeling is so hard... must rest..." This girl cracks me up with her fake sleeping. She breaks it out all the time.

And an update on this boy? Dropping him off at preschool today was brutal. He screamed and clung to me and begged me to let him go home. His teachers took him in while he bawled for me. But picking him up he was all smiles. Teachers said he cried for a few minutes and then joined the class. We are making progress! Later he only had good things to say about his day, and has been so happy for the rest of the afternoon. 

Finally, from 1 month until now:

Outfit details -
Fox dress - Target
Hairbow - Etsy
Sandals - Saltwater

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