Friday, September 06, 2013

Big Milestones {Preschool}

Today my favorite little boy in the entire world started preschool. He didn't cry when I dropped him off, however we was feeling so anxious and apprehensive. He held his head down as the teachers walked him into his classroom, and didn't look back.

Two and a half hours later I went to pick him up. I was so excited to see him, and I knew he'd be so excited to see me.

The teacher walked him out and I could see he had been crying. She said that he watched the class from the corner, not wanting to participate it even playing on the playground or having a snack.

My sweet tender boy needs time to warm up to new things. And a new environment without me? He might need a lot of time.

But that's ok. He is sweet and wonderful and perfect just the way he is. And once he decides that he loves preschool (because that day will come) I will know, as I have always known, that he will do great things.

We each drew a heart on our inner wrist, so that when we were missing each other we could look at it. James told me after I picked him up that he spent most of the time looking out the door for me, or looking at his heart on his arm. Thankfully he seems excited to try again next week.


  1. What a big milestone! I've been thinking about you all! The time flys I'm sure! I'm sending warm thoughts for James and school next week!!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Connie9:06 PM

    What a good idea with the hearts! James is so much like his dad. He had the Tender Heart Carebear when he was this age (yes, we still have it!) because it described him perfectly. It always took him longer to warm up to new situations than other kids. But that just proves what sweet, tender souls these two are. I hope James will be ok next week. I wish nothing but good things for this angel!


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