Sunday, September 01, 2013

Zoo on a Sunday

Going to the zoo on a cloudy Sunday morning has its perks: we had the entire place to ourselves.

This morning was cool and pleasant and all the animals were active and awake. Over the last week we've been remodeling our living room (photos to come) so the day out felt like a special treat. Plus, we didn't go to Home Depot once today, which is the first time this week.

Juliet wore my new favorite outfit to date, and her hair has been amazing lately. Also, James starts preschool this week, so I decided to bring my big camera. Milestones are just around the corner. James starting preschool is so incredibly bittersweet, sometimes I wish I could rewind time. More on that coming once he starts, because it's going to be emotional for all of us.
Elephants were active, but seriously, look at baby girl's hair! I die! Thick blond curls. Sometimes I catch my breath looking at her and seeing how beautiful she is.
This kid is sensitive. He doesn't want to leave my side. Preschool will be good for him, but man on man will he be missed. It's amazing, in his almost four years since I had him, he's been my shadow every single moment. I've only missed putting him to bed under ten times, which is the way I like it. We are like glue, he and I.
Trying to splash me, of course. The zoo now has a small tide-pool themed splash pad which both kiddos adore.

Rizzo the polar bear was swimming in loops and we were the only ones there to enjoy the show.
Pretty dang spectacular.

We always finish off a zoo trip with a carousel ride, and almost always we choose the tigers.
And one final shot of her dress. I seriously love it so much. Best eBay find in awhile!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip. Her dress is absolutely precious! Good luck with preschool. My big boy doesn't start till next year and I'm perfectly good with that.


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