Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today it is chilly

I love warm weather clothes. Sundresses and rompers and cheerful tees for James. But I also love when the season's shift and we pull out new clothes from our drawers that have never been worn. I love shopping for my kids. I hate shopping in stores, but I'm a great online shopper and spend hours perusing what I'd like for next season's styles.

Wouldn't it be so awesome to need new clothes every single season? These kiddos are growing so fast that it is rare if they still fit into something from the year before (but it's happening more and more with James, thank goodness).

While buying a new season's wardrobe is expensive each year, seeing new items come out of the closet really does make me happy.

Today was chilly. We've worn long sleeves and pants a few times, but today was cold enough for sweaters and tights.

Oh autumn, I adore you. Last forever, okay?
Running away from Mama and the camera.
I love the little strut to her step.

Told him grumpy boys don't look at the camera and smile. He wasn't being grumpy, but he can't help but peek up and grin.
Her shoes are two sizes too big in length but seem to fit because she has chubby little feet. I so wish they made shoes like this for adults, they are my absolute favorite.
James has been saving his "allowance" to buy this special robot claw. It arrived from UPS while we were out on our walk and he was in heaven! Notice he was passing rocks to Juliet, who has one in each hand.
Lots of rocks to pick up. I love this picture because it is so them. If one is interested in something, the other has to be right in the think of it too. They always seem to have something to look at, work on, or fight over. They are pretty inseparable.
This dress of Juliet's is my all time favorite  item of clothing she's ever owned. It was my sister's when she was a baby, and was a gift from friends when they lived in London for a year. It's been gently tucked away for twenty years, and then for eighteen more months until the day Juliet finally fit into. Today was the day. You'll see a lot more of this dress, seriously, it is my very fave.
Outfit details - 

Coat - Costco
Sweater - Old Navy (I find a lot of James's clothes at Old Navy)
Pants - Target
Shoes - Keen

Juliet - 
Dress - Vintage
Tights - Old Navy
Shoes - Target (I know!!!)


  1. As I already said on IG this morning, Miss Juliet has THE BEST WARDROBE!!! I love that you still have so many items that you or your sister wore. What absolute treasures!! James is looking very handsome and very grown-up in his outfit.I shopped for a lot of Jackson's clothes at Old Navy when he was younger also. Yay for cooler temperatures and new clothes. Welcome Autumn!

  2. A great post as always! The 'action' photos are my favorite! Thank you for the vey nice visit today!

  3. Rebecca8:06 PM

    I adore Juliet's dress! It reminds me of something that Samantha, the American Girl, might have worn. :)

    On shoes that are like Juliet's only for grown ups - there are these stunning heels that are similar!

    Or there are these, but the soles look terribly thick to me:


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