Sunday, September 15, 2013

State Fair

I got the wild idea that I'd like to go to the state fair with my family. Wild because I've been to the fair before and I am not a fan. It's expensive and hot and crowded and crazy. And today was all of those things. So hot, so crowded, so crazy.

While I wasn't loving it, James was. Seeing him so excited started to rub off a bit. Crowds full of amazingly weird folks, food full of an unreal amount of calories, and rides that look a little too rickety to be trusted. Ah, the fair. It's insane.
Taking in all there is to see. Rides taller than he can imagine, crowds bigger than he's ever seen and so many colors and lights.
James spotted the Farris Wheel first thing and said he wanted to go on it. I was unsure after seeing the line (long) and the price ($8.00 for two of us to ride), but we decided to go for it anyway. 
James asked for me to join him, and I was pretty happy that E had to stay with Juliet. She was totally overwhelmed and not having any of it.
This boy however was in love.
We even splurged on got a lemonade!
We tried the fun house, the pony rides and a spinny-vomit-inducing ride, but the favorite of all was the Fun Slide.
No line and fast pace, it was all of our favorites. I joined James on it twice and E took him down it once.

This face of Juliet's sums up her thoughts of the fair perfectly. The crowds and the heat and the fact that she couldn't ride a single ride was not that great in her opinion. At least the lemonade was divine.
Don't barf. ;)


  1. Connie2:07 PM

    I had serious doubts about going on the last day and I was right. Also, you just don't go on the rides there. They are expensive, the lines are long, and the rides are rickety. You save rides for Lagoon. We go early in the week, see the animals (not the over-crowded bunnies), the exhibits (like the butter cow), and find the best deal on food and drinks. We've seen turkey, pig, and duck races, petted baby tigers, held and fed baby lemurs, had our pics taken with sea lions, and touched a rock from the moon. We've seen amazing shows like very high-wire diving. And there were places for little ones to play for free. You really can't go once every 20 years, on the worst day, and do stuff like the awful rides, and expect a fond memory. We keep going back because we know what to do and when, and it's fun.

  2. Well if anything you've collected some very lovely photos. :) And I love the first one.


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