Saturday, February 23, 2013

Juliet's modeling days

Juliet's a baby model. That is so weird for me to say.

Awhile ago, when my mom worked at Naartjie (a children's clothing company) she passed some of Juliet's photos onto her boss. Her boss thought she was adorable and wanted her to model for their spring line. 

E and I himed and hawed. We were not sure that we wanted Juliet modeling. But after two months of thinking about it, we finally decided that she could go in for one shoot, and model two outfits. 

So one very snowy morning a month ago I packed up both kids and headed downtown early in the morning. We arrived, changed her into darling spring outfits and then she got to work. ;)

The entire shoot took less than fifteen minutes, and she earned her first $50. 

On Valentine's Day her photos premiered online and in stores throughout the world. 

She was even featured in a little video they put together of the shoot. Juliet is on minute 0:39 and 2:04. 

While we were honored with a call back for the next line, we decided to decline. We agree that Juliet is a beautiful baby, but she's just a baby. Modeling doesn't need to be added to her resume along with "waking up at night, picky eating, and crying if James splashes."

One day though, she'll be able to tell friends that she was a baby model. And hopefully even then, she will still feel beautiful.


  1. She really is a physically beautiful baby girl. It's been apparent from day one. You're a good mom, and I respect you so much for making this wise decision. So many moms push and try so hard to get their children into the business. You've obviously got your priorities straight and Juliet's best interest in mind. Juliet's a natural beauty, and with your guidance her inner beauty will always shine brighter. I'm a proud new grandmother "Nana" to a beautiful three week old granddaughter! I am the Seattle person who hosted Violet years ago (no longer into dolls at all).

  2. These photos are awesome! What a fun experience! You are such a wise and thoughtful Mama.

  3. Connie10:56 AM

    I still think it's so sad not to let her keep modeling. What can it hurt at this age? And I'd absolutely babysit if you needed to go to a shoot! This beautiful baby girl needs to be shared with the world!


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