Friday, February 08, 2013

Letter to Juliet: ONE

Sweet Juliet,

How do I even start a letter to you that is supposed to encompass my feelings? How is it possible that the written word would ever tell a story of true happiness and love? There is no possible way to tell you how much I love you.

My soul is changed because of you.

Each day, I care for you the best I know how. I make sure you are fed, and clean, and warm. But those are not the things that mean the most, not the things I'll remember. Instead I'll remember the things that make my heart ache with love.

I snuggle you. Each day we still nap together and it is the most wonderful part of my day. I rock you to sleep each and every night, not because you need it, but because I need it. I try my hardest to make you laugh, and sometimes you will, but we all know you save your best, biggest laughs for Daddy.

One year ago today I had yet to meet you. Right now it is eight pm, and last year at this time I had yet to even leave for the hospital. No, instead I was showering, knowing you were on your way.

Little did I know I'd meet you in only a few short hours.

Today was wonderful with you. Tomorrow will be even better (Daddy's home after all!) and on Sunday we will celebrate, with many of the people that love you, a year of your wonderful life.

Happy first birthday snuggle bunny. I adore you.

Your Mama

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