Friday, February 15, 2013

Juliet's party pictures!

Finally, after nearly a week, I have some time to blog. Juliet is feeling better. She'll kick this virus soon enough. 

So, back to party photos that never got posted. My sister arrived early and helped keep the kids happy while E and I finished last minute details. Juliet will one day ADORE Auntie Sissa, right now she looks like she's saying "why is my Mama not holding me?!"

We invited family from both sides and the house was packed.

I've had a few parties where I've asked guests to dress in specific colors. I am always so happy with the results. Such a Valentine's celebration! (I also had a dress code for E's red and blue party and asked people to dress in autumn colors for James's first birthday).
Baby bunny got lots of bunny birthday cards.
I don't think I've mentioned on my blog yet that my sister-in-law is pregnant. Isn't she glowing? She's due at the end of April. We are all so excited, it will be James's and Juliet's first cousin!
Juliet has never taken a bottle in her life but loved the play bottles Damma brought for her baby doll.
E's grandparents were unable to attend, but sent an amazing homemade quilt. Bonnie (E's grandmother) never had a daughter, instead three sons. Fifty years ago she made this quilt for a one-day daughter that never came. It's been in storage all these years until now, when she passed it down to Juliet.
Soon enough presents were opened and the food was devoured. It was time for the pinnacle of all first birthday parties! Birthday cake. I changed Juliet from her adorable snuggle bunny outfit into an old onsie that was headed to the garbage. This photo was taken right after singing and letting James blow out the candle. She looks a little unsure, doesn't she?
"It's ok sweet gurl, it's good!" James shows her.
Still a little unsure.
But not unsure for long.
This was her first real taste of sugar. I think she was in complete awe.

By the time she was done there was nothing left. Just a gooey happy baby.
The end.


  1. Happy Birthday baby girl! Jessica, that last picture is absolutely precious! That is some serious happy right there!

  2. I love the hearts hanging from her high chair... and the cute little bunny punch :)


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