Saturday, February 02, 2013

One photo an hour {February 1st}

I always enjoy the challenge of a one photo an hour project. I take photos of things often not seen, and it is so fun to look back on how my day to day life has changed over time. If you are a blogger and haven't done a photo an hour project, now's the time. See what your day looks like.

Here is what February 1st looked like. A normal Friday. Pretty standard for us.

7:05 - Up before the sun, watching Cars in my bed.

8:00 - My once good eater has become picky. I made buttered toast with jam for breakfast, and this was her reaction.

9:00 - Playing in the living room before morning nap.

10:00 - A long warm bath with watercolors. Few things are better on cold winter mornings while the baby naps.

11:00 - It is a "warm" day! After an entire month of horrible freezing cold, it is the first day in over a month that it's above freezing. That means digging without gloves! Juliet is up! We are headed out the door for a walk.

12:00 - To celebrate the amazing weather we took a walk up the street to see some excavators. He was entranced, and we watched them working for over an hour. Finally, when they shut their engines, he sat down in the big gravel pile and got to work himself. It is amazing I got him out of there without a meltdown.

1:00 - We've had lunch and James is down for a nap. Juliet and I often play in her room for about an hour before she's ready for her next nap.

2:00 - No photo. Everyone in the house (even me!) is napping.

3:00 - Awake. We get our shoes on, have a snack and try to get out the door by 3:30 for an afternoon activity.

4:00 - To celebrate the sun we decide on a trip to Wheeler Farm. No worries that it is late in the day and now getting quite chilly.

5:00 - Back at home. Juliet and I are in the living room warming up and James just had to dig. Sand table on the front porch was an genius idea, if I do say so.

6:00 - Daddy's home! It's the weekend! He entertains the kiddos while I try to put dinner on the table.

7:00 - Juliet is in bed and James plays games before bed. His favorite games as of late (all of which he's made up) are "Get up Game", "Horsey Game", "Where is James Game" and "Flomp Game".

8:00 - Since it was Friday, and all, we decided to have some friends come over for drinks and snacks after kiddo bedtime.

9:00 - I didn't take a photo. I fail. I was laughing too much with friends.

10:00 - E (and the green ghost) almost always gets on the computer before bed. I'm off to bed myself!

Pretty standard day, other than having friends over, which we hardly do. Just looking over it makes me tired. ;)

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