Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday morning

On Saturday morning we celebrated the birthday girl. We made homemade bunny pancakes, and last minute decided to add a little almond extract to the batter. Best decision ever.

Then we opened gifts. We decided to get Juliet a Twilight Turtle (actually she got the ladybug) and knew it would be a big hit with James, so got him one as well. Juliet also got a special baby doll, some books, a cute little camera, and darling soft blocks from Daddy. Each block has a different bell inside and makes a different jingle.

Such a bittersweet morning. Saying hello to being one is also saying goodbye to babyhood, in a way. My sweet bunny is growing up.
Juliet wondering why'd she'd eat one of her own kind. ;) The bunny pancakes were actually a huge hit and both James and Juliet could not get enough.
Big pile of presents!
She's pretty thrilled.
Being three, James was the master at opening all presents. He took care of each one for Juliet. Juliet looks thrilled with the arrangement, doesn't she?
Twilight Turtle!
And her sweet baby doll. I bought this baby months ago and it's been tucked away waiting for Juliet's first birthday. I knew I wanted a Corolle doll, since I also grew up with Corolle and they are still as beautiful as the day I received them. This one has brown eyes just like my girl.
Such a good Mama already.

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  1. So sweet! Love, love, love her first baby doll!


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