Friday, February 08, 2013

Juliet is ONE! {Photos with Patsy Ann!}

Oh my sweet girl! You are ONE!

What an amazing year it has been. It has flown by, at the speed of light. It seems like just a moment ago I was nursing this little hungry baby for hours on end, and now, now you hardly even care to nurse. What an amazing person you're turning into!

This month has been a long one. January is a tough, long dark cold gray month. But now! It's February and we are out again! We are going to parks, visiting the farm, and enjoying the little tiny bit of sunshine that February has to offer.
Last month I noted two new things: one, you were sleeping without a swaddle, and two, that you were taking your afternoon naps alone. Both of those things flew out the window this month.

So after a month of sleeping without a swaddle you decided that you WOULD NOT sleep. Instead, in the middle of the night you liked to pull up onto your knees in your crib and cry and cry and cry for us. It was pretty ridiculous actually. We'd go in, soothe you, nurse you, rock you, whatever, and then stand over your crib for way too long, trying to coax you back to sleep.

Once you were (seeming) back to sleep we'd sneak out and minutes later you'd be screaming for us again kneeling eagerly at the side of your crib. Oh yea, and James was barfing his guts out down the hall (keep in mind this was all at two a.m.). Fun fun. So on night two or three, after even trying to bring you in bed with me, I decided something had to be done. I swaddled you again. And that, my dear, worked wonders. You were out like a light and started sleeping again!

Moral of the story? I don't care if I send you off to collage in your swaddle. As long as you sleep! I'll teach your roommate to swaddle you, and then all will be well. ;)
And the second change? Yea, I couldn't keep it up. Napping next to this snuggle bunny is seriously the highlight of my day. Originally I decided to let you nap on your own so you could take longer naps than James, but really, I miss it so, and the shorter naps mean we can get out the door earlier for play dates. Plus, you don't seem to get overly tired before bedtime. So for now, the napping next to each other stays. Which suits my snuggle bunny quite well.
Taking photos of her on the couch was... tricky. You climb and crawl so fast that I was worried you'd fall. But this photo below? I not only love it because you are caring for your baby so well (don't mind that you first blindfolded her with her bow) but also, your hair! This month your hair has gone wild! Curls in the back, long all over and just as soft as silk.

And this outfit?!! It was a gift from a very generous new friend! She's been following me on Instagram for awhile and I've been following her blog for years! Well after she knew that Juliet was a snuggle bunny, she found this outfit and knew it had to be ours.
The moment I saw it I knew, after months of searching, I had found it, the holy grail. Juliet's first birthday outfit.
She'll wear it again for her party on Sunday, but I knew I had to share the details of the outfit here. PERFECTION.
Outfit details -
Onsie, Overalls, Sweater and socks - Janie & Jack. All gifted from Michelle and her daughter Mary. My sweet amazing friend.
Headband - Etsy
Shoes - Janie & Jack

And from 1 month until now:

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