Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bunny's first birthday {details}

The moment I found out I was pregnant, due in early February, I started dreaming about a Valentine themed first birthday. Then when I found out I was expecting a girl, visions of pink, hearts and all thing love would not leave my mind. I've been planning this birthday in my head for Juliet's entire first year, as well as the 9 months I was pregnant.

But upon meeting my daughter I realized that a Valentine's party would not be enough. She needed a bunny party. So I himed and hawed over Valentines vs. Bunnies for two months. Then I decided to combine them.

Welcome to Juliet's Snuggle Bunny Valentine's first birthday.

On the invite I asked everyone to wear either red or pink. This made photos so fun and unified, but also, how adorable is my family?!
I was thrilled with how this little birthday cake turned out for the birthday girl. I baked it in a tin can and it was just her size.
The food included cheese and crackers, a big fruit salad and of course veggies (aka bunny food). This was a bunny party after all.
As an Easter baby myself, I've had my fair share of bunny parties. Each year my mom would use a bunny cake tin to bake my bunny cake. I now have her tin, and baked the perfect bunny cake for our guests (and guess what? The bunny cake was also James's first birthday cake!)
The house was decorated from top to bottom in pink and red and bunnies.
I have lots and lots of bunnies in my collection.
Raspberry lemonade with pink poke a dot straws stole the show.

I printed out all of Juliet's monthly photos and taped them to the windows with Valentine's washi tape.
Petter Rabbit sending a Valentine.
We had tea, and hot chocolate and coffee too. Nothing could be better on a very cold and snowy Sunday.
The fruit salad was amazing.
Bunny kisses of course.
My favorite, the tiny itty bitty cake. With one pink candle.
James could not keep his hands out of the fruit. Kiwi thief.
Party photos to come! And Juliet eating her birthday cake! Such a wonderful day.
*Bunny illustration on the invite was found on Pinterest and I can not for the life of me find the original to credit. Find it, send it my way!


  1. So darling! I love all the little details. I live for the details :)

  2. Jessica, I heart you, your family, and your life. You have such a fantastic positive outlook, and make the most of every situation. Not to mention how itchy you make my fingers for crafts and kiddos! Such a sweet inspiration. I hope to see you soon!

  3. p.s. My vote is already in for this year's Christmas card ~ the pink/red sweaters family photo, please and thank you.


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