Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Freeport, NY {Dinner dockside}

Instead of a day to day journal entry style posts, I'm going to blog about some specific highlights from our trip to NY. And, with each post I'll add some beach photos, because I have a lot of beach photos to share.

On our second day in New York, after spending all afternoon at the beach, we decided to go to Freeport's Nautical Mile and enjoy dinner dock-side. Originally we were planning on having my Grandma join us (like she did last time) but she declined.

E and I were a little worried because both kids were cranky when we left the beach, but we decided to go ahead with our plan, and we are so glad we did.

Once the kids ate their moods magically improved (crazy, right?!) and eating dinner on the water is something so special.

We ate at this very same restaurant three years ago when we visited and James was just nine months. I was excited to get photos on the same dock, and enjoy another fantastic seafood dinner. Neither disappointed.
It was a fun coincidence that we sat at the very same table as we did last time. Watching the boats come and go and enjoying the cool sea air, and devouring crab cakes, pretty amazing.
As the dock was right next to the water (obviously) I kept telling Juliet to stay sitting. I really didn't want to jump in after my toddler into the water. Luckily she kinda listened and we kept her out of the ocean.

This was taken in the exact same spot at this shot three years ago.

The docks were narrow, moving with the tides, and uneven. Perfect for my daredevil three year old.
After dinner we walked up the road (the Nautical Mile is so charming) and found an ice cream shop. Juliet had never had an ice cream cone to herself before, needless to say she was thrilled.
Ice cream by sunset. I was smiling too.
And, I have so many beach photos to share. After looking through them again I realized that they all begin to start to look alike, so I'll share a couple here.

The beaches near my Grandma's are lovely. We always visit Jones Beach, which is a state park with lifeguards, toilets, garbage cans and the likes. Plus, the beach in amazingly clean and the water is surprisingly warm.
Of course James and Juliet wanted right in, and just their toes didn't cut it. So in we went, and the rule was to hold Daddy's hand at all times, waves are so unpredictable.
I love these shots as a bigger wave hit them.
I just kept snapping away, notice Juliet...
James seems concerned... ;)
Ha! This little series cracks me up. Good thing she was holding Daddy's hand, otherwise she would have been swept off her feet!
More coming tomorrow!

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