Thursday, August 08, 2013

Juliet is 18 months {my baby is 1.5}

Today my baby girl turned one and a half. Which is big. Which is hardly a baby anymore, but knowing me, I'll always call her my baby.

Juliet is fantastic. She FINALLY finished teething and it has been glorious. She finished the day before we left for New York, nice timing, right?!

Since she's finally done, she is a new child. Happy, silly, talking like mad. She has always been the same girl, of course, but it is amazing to see her happy 90% of the time versus happy only 10% of the time. Feels like heaven.

Being around this baby girl is pretty much heaven. She will repeat whatever you tell her, has favorite words of the week (this week's word is yellow), and is pretty dang darling is all aspects of everything. ;)

James is her favorite person. They have started really understanding each other. James talks to her, she responds. James asks her a question, and she'll either say "yea!" or "no".  And they also know have inside jokes. One will make a noise or do a silly sound and the other will repeat it, and then they both break down in giggles. It is amazing to watch.

Juliet is so loving. She seriously kisses me unprompted more in a single day than James has in his entire life. She gives big hugs and big loves. She and James love to stop whatever they are doing for a couple of hug breaks, which melts me.

Seriously, this snuggle bunny is awesome.

I have a few tricks of the trade to get big smiles and stand her where I want. I got the big smiles above by fake coughing, and these photos near the window were made possible by a little pile of Nerds candies on the windowsill.
Happy year and a half baby girl. I adore you.

Finally, from 1 month until now:

Outfit details -
Pinafore top - Vintage, thrifted.
Shorts - Carters
Shoes - Next Direct
Hair clip - homemade

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