Friday, August 09, 2013

Fire Island Lighthouse

Possibly my favorite day from our entire vacation is the day we went to Fire Island Lighthouse. But the day started more laid back with a visit to the bagel shop (because NY bagels are the best ever ever) and breakfast with my Grandma.

We started each day with this little tradition, E and I would pick up the bagels on the way over and my Grandma would lay out cream cheese, home grown tomatoes, onions, and lox. Because all New York bagels must be eaten with lox. Delicious.
Before heading out for a day of fun we decided to snap a couple of pictures. Even though we'd seen my Grandma a handful of times already, we had yet to pull out the camera, which is a shame. These babies are her great grandchildren.
GG (Great Grandma) is 95 years old and confident she'll make it to 100.
On our drive towards the lighthouse is began to rain. The skies were dreary and dark and we were bummed our last day of vacation would be a rainy one. Once arriving E stayed in the car with Juliet so she could finish her nap and James and I braved the rain (luckily only sprinkles) and walked down to the beach.
The most lovely thing about a rainy Saturday is that we had the beach to ourselves.

We stood there for awhile, just us. Not talking, just watching the sea.
Soon E texted that Juliet was awake and we were ready to hike the little boardwalk towards the lighthouse.

The walk is really easy and flat, and quite do-able for even the littlest hikers (however Juliet was in the stroller most the time).

Lighthouse lights are fascinating. The center is made like a magnifying glass, magnifying the oil lamp placed in the middle. And the top and bottom are built like prisms, bending the light so that it also follows the horizon (and could be seen up to 22 miles out to sea).

Unfortunately the tower was closed to visitors due to some scheduled maintenance, so we didn't go to the top. This is Fire Island's original lighthouse light, and it is housed in an adjoining museum. If you look closely at the reflection you can even see the lighthouse tower.
We were lucky enough to meet my dear friends Colette and Jen there. These two live in NYC but were willing to come out to Fire Island to see us and see the kiddos! (Just like last time!) Plus, lighthouses make for magical backdrops for family pictures and we are thankful to our friends for snapping the photo.
We carried Juliet back across the board walk hoping for another nap and James kept hugging and squeezing E's hand. See what I mean about lighthouses making a perfect backdrop?
Soon we found ourselves back at the beach, and by now the rain had cleared! It was warm enough to romp in the water and really enjoy our last beach day.
I feel so silly that this is the only photo of me and my dear friends of almost ten years. Sheesh. What was I thinking? Needless to say, they were loving James and all his silly antics.
Silly antics indeed.

And baby girl was loving it as well.
There was a tipped over lifeguard chair (they tip them when not in use) and Juliet was having a ball climbing inside and looking perfect.
I asked for a few smiles and were rewarded with my favorite shots from the entire vacation.
The beach was so empty and pristine I decided we better change her into her swimsuit and enjoy our last hurrah seaside.

Another shot, similar to the one above. I liked them both so much I included them both.
And this shot was the last one I snapped in New York, and is my current favorite photo of James. I adore it.
That night my aunt and cousin hosted a BBQ. We enjoyed seeing family and letting the kids play with GG one last time before packing up and waving goodbye to New York the following morning.

It was a lovely vacation.

James wore:
Atlantic tee - H&M
Striped shorts - Walmart
Swimsuit - Gymboree
Shoes - Saltwater sandals

Juliet wore:
Sailor dress - Gymboree
Swimsuit - Gymboree
Shoes - Saltwater sandals

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  1. What awesome photos and memories!!! ...and a better way to close out your trip! Thanks for sharing!


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