Saturday, June 08, 2013

Juliet is 16 months {and no longer a baby}

Juliet is 16 months, and anything that may have suggested that she is still a baby has flown out the window this month. We have a full blown toddler on our hands.

Lots of new non-babyish things to report:
  • She now takes only one nap a day, and it's usually alone (no more snuggle bunny!)
  • No more nursing. She self weaned herself about a week and a half ago. Her last nursing sessions were only seconds long (under ten seconds most times) so she was ready.
  • She no longer wants to be rocked to sleep. I remember this stage with James as well. They figure out that getting comfortable in their crib is a lot easier than your arms, and one day they are just done. I am sad this day has come, but so happy that I rocked her to sleep every single night until this day came. 
  • She has an opinion about everything. Specifically food (and her hate for everything you give her) and which parent is around (she only wants the other parent at all times).
  • She has started to really play with James. Her favorite place in the entire house is in James's room, and her favorite person in the family is most definitely her brother. 
  • She has started to talk more. Only a few more words but it is darling. She says "thanks" after you give her something she wants (sounds like "nake"), she says "James" ("Day"), she says "more" at the correct time, says "yeah!" enthusiastically if you ask her something like "would you like some strawberries?"
  • She walks everywhere. Crawling is long gone. 
  • She understands so much. She can follow simple directions and it is really amazing to see her little mind work. 
  • She's huge. Took her in for her 15 month appointment (a month late) and she measures 33" tall, which is in the 95%!
  • Her hair is suddenly so long! No more baby fuzz.
All this said, she's had another rough month. So dang fussy and clinging and not happy. She wavers between fussing to crying to out and out pissed off most of the day. I thought there must be something going on, but the doctor says it's her teeth. Canines. The worst most evil teeth of all. They were hell for James too. Plus, converting from two naps to one is never easy on these babies. Hard stuff.

We found out she is allergic to mosquitos this month, when she gets a bite it inflames and turns into a huge welt lasting for well over a week. Saddest thing ever.

She is sleeping well at night (hallelujah!) and is an early riser, waking between 6:15 and 6:30 every day.

Being read to, she brings me books throughout the day
Playing with James
Throwing rocks in the river (she has had a great teacher since birth)
Splashing in the bathtub

When James is aggressive
Riding in the car when she's grumpy
Getting new teeth
Any food that is not berries
Not getting her way in all areas of life

Here is a photo I snapped on my phone yesterday. She has been like this much of the week (always pissed and sad), sigh. It's exhausting to say the least.

Finally, from 1 month until now:

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  1. I absolutely love your month to month photos!


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