Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

Oh Easter, how I adore you. Easter means everything good, warm spring air (if we are lucky), new dresses and lots of fun treats. This year the kids got new swimsuits and flip flops for our Maui trip that is right around the corner. They also got a kite, sidewalk chalk, and Juliet got a little basket for her tricycle.
We had a little egg hunt around the main floor.
James also got a snorkel set!
Later in the afternoon we went to E's sister's house for more baskets, dinner, and the much anticipated egg hunt that E's dad The Easter Bunny puts on every year.
Damma always goes all out with Easter goodies.
These sweet cousins are getting so big.
Our family.
The entire egg hunt was Star Wars themed, which was so so exciting for my two Star Wars obsessed kids.
The clues took us to all the best places in Midway, including this amazing covered bridge.

There was lots of wind and laughs and more clues, until we finally found the goodies (more fruit, candy, treats and toys!). Happy happy Easter.

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