Friday, April 17, 2015

The mountains are calling and I must go

After a huge, thick, wet snowfall on Tuesday the mountains looked absolutely magnificent yesterday. I dropped James off at preschool, and on the way home promised myself that I must see them up close. The blue sky and the swirling clouds looked absolutely magical.

And Juliet, my best little buddy is always up for an adventure.

Lately she has been very very attached to Tiger, E's Hobbes from when he was a kid. Tiger goes everywhere with us, eats every meal tucked behind her back, and sleeps with her every single night. Tiger, apparently feels the cold, and needed to be tucked gently into a snowsuit.
I don't mind spring snow after such a warm spring.
*Anybody out there have a problem with Blogger adjusting saturation when uploading? Drives me batty. If anybody can tell me how to override it I'll give you a gold star and a hug. ;)
This snow bunny only wants to eats handfuls of snow.

Our constant companion. I smile, thinking about all the years I took a doll with me everywhere I went.
I can't get over her personality these days. She is SO FUNNY. So happy. The other day during quiet time I heard her singing "I am so happy! And my whole body is naked!"
It's pretty hard not to smile from ear to ear when I'm with her. (Again with the saturation?!!!)

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