Monday, April 06, 2015

Happiest birthday to me!

Last Friday I turned 34. I can hardly believe it. Ever since I became a parent, the years slip by in super speed. These years, the years when my children are young, are the happiest years of my life.
E had been out of town the entire week traveling for work, so he took my birthday off (a present in of itself!) and we celebrated all day. We started out at Blue Plate for breakfast (eggs benedict for me, always) and back home to finish building my birthday present, garden boxes to hold veggies in the backyard.
Later in the afternoon we went to Thanksgiving Point gardens, knowing we were a touch to early to hit the tulips, but promising that we'd be back in a couple weeks.
The kids showered me with kisses and "I love yous" and "happy birthdays" all day long.
It was a touch chilly which meant that we had the garden to ourselves.

This little girl is so silly, so sweet, so hilarious. I adore her.
This one is for Colette, who nicely asked for a picture of me for once. ;)
Can you even get over these two?!
Although we were too early for tulips, the daffodils were at their prime.
And guess who (hoo?) returned after five years of being away. Five years ago, James's first time to the Tulip Festival, I saw this mother great horned owl nesting, and finally, after all this time she is back. Holy crap, look at this post, with baby James and the baby owls. 
Even if it's a touch cool, the sunshine makes it all worth it.
We stayed late into the afternoon, headed home, fed these two goof balls and then left for a dinner date. E took me to Fresco's which is AMAZING and was the location of our very first fancy date 16 years ago. Lots of memories. Lots of good birthdays, and lots more to come.


  1. Yea!! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!

  2. Hurrah Hurrah for a very happy birthday! You all look gorgeous as always!


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