Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spent a Saturday at the cabin

Last weekend we decided to join my aunt and uncle and cousin Taylor at the cabin for the day. E was leaving for a week long trip the following day, so we felt like we wanted to enjoy the day and pretend like it was the entire weekend.

On the way in we kept our eyes peeled for yellow-bellied marmots (last time we spotted eleven on just the drive out!), and while we did see some marmots, we also saw this amazing duo. Mama and calf.
The meadow is always the first place we visit and James is now big enough to explore alone a little more.
My cousin Taylor is in town. It is so fun to see him because he lives on the east coast. And his best friend Yanic was around as well. James loves hanging with the big boys and always has lots to say and joke about.

The boys in the treehouse out across the woods. James and Taylor hiked together, even holding hands. Love it.
Itty bitty frogs. See this guy still has the remains of a tail.
"Our" meadow. My favorite place on earth.

Late in the afternoon we decided to go explore one of the many boulder fields. The kids are amazing climbers and scrambled up the big rocks quickly.
Caves and boulders.

And on the way out we saw three male moose.
Such a fantastic way to spend the day.

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