Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Summertime! {Smith and Moorehouse}

You know what is great about being part of an adventuring family? There is always someone doing something. My brothers are hardly home all summer long with long lists of plans for kayaking and camping. My sister has concerts, road trips, and hiking planned. My dad is always in the mountains and is always happy to invite us along.

Over the fourth of July weekend he often heads to Smith and Moorehouse Reservoir to camp and play by the lake. This year we decided to join him for a single day. Next year we may need to stay up there, it was seriously so lovely.
The reservoir was small, feeling more like a lake (no motorized boats allowed) and there was a beach along the entire western edge. My dad snagged a great spot and we joined him and his fiancé, her daughter and husband and a handful of kids. We brought beers, snacks and camp chairs and hung out all day.
James and Juliet tried kayaking for the first time on my dad's kayak. Both kids loved it and can't wait to try again.
And is this just paradise? That's E and James out there.
Juliet was excited to go on the "girl team" (her words) kayak trip.
After a full day of swimming and playing, we went to my dad's campsite for burgers and s'mores. Leaving wasn't easy, the kids were begging to stay and camp. Next time kiddos, for sure. We can't wait to return.

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