Monday, July 13, 2015

Fourth of July and celebrating E's birthday

I am so behind on blogging, but I will catch up. We went to the farmhouse and Red Butte Garden this weekend and I took my big camera to both and got some great shots!

The fourth of July and early July is such a fun time for our family. E's birthday falls on the 1st and we decided to get sushi to celebrate. E wanted a tow hitch and a bike rack for his present.

To celebrate the fourth we decided to head to our favorite Chinese restaurant, because after all, America is the greatest melting pot, right? We ordered all of E's favorite dishes and then headed back to his parents' house for pie, pool and fireworks.

The cousins are getting so big and SO fun. Emilia has a blast with James and Juliet, and my kids talk about Emilia for days afterwards.

Happiest fourth!
Forth of July cupcakes! Damma always makes sure the kids have all the sugar that E and I don't give them on a regular basis.
My handsome guy turning 34.

Such fun traditions, the tank wars are always the favorite.
Could they get any cuter?!
And I'm all about the passage of time. July 4th 2013. Look at these girls! I die!
Last year.
Grownin' up too fast. 

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