Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer at the farmhouse!

To celebrate our anniversary this year we decided on a overnight trip to the farmhouse with the kids. E was able to take Friday off which is a present in of itself. We were SO stoked because the end of June was ruthless here with the heat wave. It was terrible, over 100 for more than a week.

And then some rain moved in and the heat wave broke! The two days we were at the farmhouse it was in the mid 80s as a daytime high! Which is PERFECT for biking, walking, playing in the sunshine and enjoying the ones I love.
Our favorite thing to do at the farmhouse is take long drives and explore all the funny corners of Sanpete Valley. Since having kids we don't take nearly as many drives, and they aren't long drives, but we still get out and see stuff. Our favorite tradition is an evening drive into the farmland.
We always stop at this bridge to check out the river and look for hawks in the nearby trees.

James set up this picture for me and I could just die I love it so much.
The evening clouds were insane. And see the horseshoe mountain below?
E got a new tow hitch and bike rack for his birthday so we brought all of our bikes and had quite a few rides. One day we even rode over to the Hawaiian sno cone shop.
Bubblegum sno cones for life.
Sky, flowers, sunshine, bikes, farmland.
We always lie a blanket in the shade and relax and tease. This tease didn't understand the "relax" portion of the deal.
On Saturday morning after a rough night E let me take a bike ride while he stayed back with the crazies. I went far down a dirt road I hadn't explored much. The air was cool and beautiful and the sky was cerulean. The fields were all deep green filled with cows, horses and sheep. I rode and rode. Finally when the road turned into a private lane I turned around. As I whipped around a corner fast on my bike I heard a scuffle in the grass. I stopped to look and almost got sprayed by a skunk! I was so happy! Not that I didn't get sprayed (I was thrilled with that fact) but I love seeing wildlife and skunks are no different.

I hopped back on my bike after watching the skunk for a bit. And just moments later I saw a fox off in the fields! Needless to say, it was the best bike ride of my life. (Well maybe this one, and maybe this one too.)

Later in the day we ate a picnic lunch, explored historic Spring City and took another bike ride or two. Such a lovely weekend.

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