Monday, May 15, 2006

Moab Moab Moab

Damn it was hot in Moab, really hot, but oh so fun.

E and I left Friday afternoon and we drove down without a problem, still in time for a bike ride. After we met up with our friends, unpacked the car, and set up our tent we decided to go on a little bike ride. I was totally feeling the trial, and I was ripping it up. It was awesome and really beautiful. Mike fell on the way back and hurt his chest, but he ended up being okay.

That night we had chili dogs and beer (I had my sissy beer, as the guys call it) and hung out around the campfire. It was beautiful and clear.

The next morning after cooking an oatmeal breakfast for the troops, we headed to Bartlett Wash for some more biking. All eight of us enjoyed an extremely hot day in the sun on top of a mesa where we biked, hung out, and sweated.

Most of our group had never seen Arches National Park, so after a quick snack in the campground we headed into Moab for Mexican and margaritas. Then we set off to hike in the park, and see Delicate Arch.

The sun was setting and everything was beautiful (but still hot) as we set off towards the famous arch. We chatted and told dirty jokes up the trial, and when we finally got there, we all enjoyed watching the arch in the setting sun.

After some photos and a lot of waiting for Mike and Logan to finish flirting with some girls they met we headed back in the dark. Hiking in the desert at night is something everyone should do once in their life, it was beautiful.

After a great night sleep in the heat of the dessert we woke up, packed up our site, and said goodbye to friends. I drove home dreading the drama from my parents that I knew awaited me.

That's me on the slick rock!

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