Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Traveling dolls: my new hobby

Jess hanging out near a stream that is full with spring run-off.

A traveling doll is a foreign concept to most people. Why tote around a fairly large doll to “see things” and take photos? Well the answer is no other reason than its fun, and I’m a dork.

There are people out there that take a picture of their iPod in front of the Eiffel Tower, or a photo of their favorite hat in China. With me, I’ll take a doll and let them see what I’m seeing. I know, I know, its odd, but it is also fun in a really lame way.

So, I have a travel doll out there (Violet) that I have sent to other doll lovers around the country. She will get to “see” things that I one day hope to see, and do things that I one day hope to do. While Violet is away seeing the world I have hosted two traveling dolls of my own.

Ruthie, a doll from Virginia, came and stayed with me for an entire month. We went to the farmhouse, went to the zoo, and even trekked out to the Great Salt Lake for a photo shoot with E. Ruthie left last weekend, and now I have another travel doll Jess. Yes, this doll is my namesake, and she is a real cutie pie, but I don’t think I’ll buy her for myself.

So far Jess has built a fort in my backyard, gone on a hike, and had a picnic. All of these activities are not lost; however, I take photos along the way to share with their “mom” back home.

No, I’m not crazy, I’m just a kid at heart (or at least what I keep telling myself).

So, I’ve followed Violet across the country and into Canada through photos, and now I am showing the members of my doll group the beauties of Utah through they eyes of a doll. It’s cool, or at least I think so!

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