Monday, June 05, 2006

Damn the wedding is close!

I am so excited! Finally things calmed down with my family enough that I can focus on my upcoming wedding, and things are falling into place perfectly, I am SO excited.

This is what E and I have done in the last week:
1. We went a looked at tuxes, and picked two really good looking ones. E is still deciding which of the two he likes more. All I know, is he is going to look so sexy in a tux, so I’m excited!
2. Finished our dance class, and I have to be the first to say, we’re pretty good. The last night we had a dance party, and E and I stayed until the end. I think we looked pretty hot on the dance floor.
3. I got half the remaining balance of the wedding paid off, I have the other half to pay this week.
4. We started receiving RSVPs from our wedding invites! It is so fun to check the mail every day and get a huge stack of them. No big surprises as of yet, we kinda know who is coming and who isn’t.
5. Got my hair trimmed, so it is healthy without split ends.

What E and I still have to do, and soon:
1. Finalize the payment of the house we are staying in.
2. Get the final banquet order to the hotel.
3. Decide and bridesmaids/ groomsmen gifts (we have been looking, but so far, no luck).
4. Figure out something old and something borrowed to have on my wedding day. Who knows…?
5. Decide on a tux, and get measured, along with both dads and the groomsmen.
6. Finalize itinerary for the week of the wedding.
7. Lots lots more that I can’t seem to think of.

But things are coming along well, and I am so excited to be E’s wife, he is the most wonderful person I have ever met, and it feels so good not to have any doubts, plus he’s hot!

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