Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wedding countdown…

Ten days and counting! There is still a lot to do, but most large tasks are done. All the favors will be done by this weekend, and my wedding dress needs to be picked up. The seating cards need to be done, which will take some time, and then they will need to be printed.

Everything else is either done, or close to it. E has to get his final tux fitting next week; we still need to pick up presents for our parents. We need to get the final music to the DJ, and final ceremony to the officiant, but we are hoping all of that won’t take that long.

E has had a hard time with all this pre-wedding stress. He doesn’t like it when there is a lot to do, and people are tense about things. And people have been tense, E’s family is staying with a flaky friend, my parent’s divorce, my sister’s problems, and of course my grandfather.

So we talked with him last night, and the results are not good. The cancer is in his bladder wall and in some scar tissue that was left after his prostate cancer. They are going to do a cat scan and see what else they can see, and then he’ll start going to the Cancer Institute. There they will decide if surgery, chemo, or other options are the best.

My grandparents asked the doctor if it was okay to go to Yosemite in a week, and he said yes, have as much fun as possible.

So I can see why E is stressed, but I hope he lets some of those worries go for the time being, and start getting excited about our upcoming wedding, because I sure am!

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