Thursday, April 23, 2009

More time in the garden

The weather in Utah has been lovely this week, just perfect. I invited Connie and Chelsea to join me at Red Butte Garden to enjoy the daffodils on Tuesday and my Grandma invited me to join her at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point yesterday. There is no better way to spend the afternoon than enjoying the garden.

On Tuesday Connie, Chelsea and I met at a local supermarket and picked up sandwiches and drinks for lunch. We arrived at Red Butte around noon and had a fantastic picnic lunch on the patio looking at the daffodils and the mountains. I brought a couple of dolls along and lots of the photos can be found on Violet's blog. The afternoon was hot and we enjoyed all the paths, trees and gardens.

Yesterday's garden trip started later in the afternoon because we wanted to pick up my cousin Kendra from high school and her friend Maurice before heading to the garden. We arrived at Thanksgiving Point around three and were blown away by all the tulips instantly. Every color, every variety, all planted in beautiful beds with pansies, daffodils and hyacinths. We were awe struck. Plus, the huge size and awesome architectural of Thanksgiving Point kept up interested for a couple of hours. We all chose a favorite flower, mine being a double tulip, and we walked all over the garden. My Grandma knows the names to most of the flowers and we were able to ask her just about anything about the garden.

After a fantastic time we headed back to Salt Lake City where my Grandma hosted a little impromptu pizza dinner party. E arrived after work and we enjoyed cocktails, appetizers and pizza in her garden. It was perfect.
Me, Kendra, Grandma and Maurice

Do you spot any gnomes? Yes, I brought the sister and brother gnome along for a garden adventure!

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