Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday in the garden

Yesterday E and I did something we have been dying to do for ages - go to Red Butte Garden and enjoy the daffodils. Red Butte is know for their 150,000 daffodils that bloom each spring, but for weeks it has been rainy, snowy and cold on the weekends! This weekend however was GLORIOUS! On Saturday E and I worked in our own garden, and on Sunday we brought a picnic lunch and our cameras up to Red Butte.

Before we left the house I insisted that we not only both dress in yellow but bring the tripod along. E was hesitant, but I'm glad I persisted. I love this photo of the two of us.
Daffodils as far as the eye can see.
And Alyssum joined us too. Doesn't she look happy that it is finally spring?
I love these daffodils, the look almost like lilies.
And the cherry blossoms were in bloom.
Along with the plum blossoms.
E brought his big lens to the garden and was able to capture these awesome photos:

Stay tuned for lots more garden photos, it was such a great time, I am going to go again with Connie and Chelsea tomorrow. And then on Wednesday I'm going to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point with my Grandma and cousin Kendra.


  1. The picture of you two is very nice. Good call on bringing the tripod. :)

  2. Ethan9:24 AM

    Awesome pictures baby! I will have to get a print of that top one for my office!


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