Friday, April 03, 2009

E got me a Canon Rebel!

Wow, I was not expecting that at all. E has a beautiful Canon manual camera that I adore, and I've been learning a little bit about it off and on. Well, he decided that for my birthday I really deserved my own! So, yes, I am the proud new owner of a Canon Rebel. All the lenses can be interchanged with his lenses, so we can swap (yes, even this lens!). I need to learn so much about my camera because the interface is slightly different from E's Canon. Some of my favorite features? ISO button, manual aperture, and the fact that I can force the camera to overexpose or underexpose if I want. Yea! Here are the first photos I took with my new camera:

Here is the first photo I took. I was sitting at the desk in the library on Facebook.
I decided to go outside for a few photos, here is a trench I've been digging in my backyard. As you remember, from the garden map, bamboo or Asian grasses will likely go here.
Some lichen on our tree in front.
E and I splurged back in February and bought ourselves a stone Buddha. Isn't he awesome? He sits outside under one of our trees awaiting enlightenment.
And these little guys have been a complete pain in the butt since they started sprouting two weeks ago. We have hundreds of these mini maples, all of which will need to be weeded.

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