Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy weekend indoors

E and I spent a rainy weekend indoors. The rain was constant, beautiful, and relaxing. On Saturday we woke up and installed our new rain chain. A rain chain is something we saw in Japan and just loved, it is a string of little funnels that you hang on your gutter. Why hide the site of beautiful falling water in a rain spout when you can watch it? Installing the rain chain was a wet, messy job because our gutter was filled with black dirt. Once we had it installed, however, it was beautiful! Watching the falling water spill through the rain chain and splash over the edges was enchanting. I also stepped outside when the rain quit for a moment to take some photos of my garden. So, here they are:

The rain chain. I like the middle photo the best with the splash rolling off the edge. Pretty!

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