Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend 2009

What a memorable weekend. I love Easter. This year we were hoping for fantastic spring weather but instead we got snow, rain, and wind, which in Utah is quite springy. Finally on Easter Sunday we got some sun though! E took Friday off of work and we headed down to the farmhouse.

It was cold and yucky outside so instead of going on a drive, going on a walk or even doing anything outdoors, E read for awhile and I took a hot bath. Chelsea, Joe and David showed up later that evening and we did our customary egg dying experiments in the farmhouse kitchen.
On Saturday we woke up to snow - the wet, cold and very drippy snow we get in spring. We all wanted to go get breakfast at the best place in town, a little ‘50s dinner on Main Street called the Dairy Freeze. We ordered hot breakfasts and the guys mostly talked video games.

That afternoon the skies still didn’t clear and E and I were getting sick of sitting in the farmhouse wrapped up like it was the middle of winter. We decided to go for a little drive and had some great luck spotting some neat birds. There was an entire flock of black and yellow birds that were beautiful! I still need to look up the type. We also spotted a kingfisher near the river, quite an unusual sighting here in Utah! Plus, almost all the sheep down there already had babies, and they are always fun to see. We had a great time and didn’t even mind the rainy weather.

Later that afternoon Connie and Steve (E’s parents) both arrived at the farmhouse. We cooked and sat down to an awesome dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes in E’s dutch oven, asparagus, rolls, deviled eggs, and macaroni salad with white chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Everyone was extremely happy and we laughed and talked and laughed some more. By the end of the night we were all overly full and tired.

On Sunday morning (Easter!) we woke up to more wet and dreary skies. Connie (aka The Easter Bunny) had prepared fantastic Easter baskets for us. Each was spilling over with candies, treats and chocolates. We made a quick breakfast of hash, cleaned up and headed home. There were lots of other Easter things we needed to get to throughout the day.

We arrived home at noonish (to clear blue skies and sun!) and E jumped in the shower while I called my grandma in New York. After E was done we made a few other important calls and headed up to E’s family’s house for the annual hunt! Steve always does and amazing job putting on a scavenger hunt every year. Not only are the clues funny and clever, they are also often so tricky that five adult children have a very difficult time figuring them out. This year the hunt lasted two plus hours because of some very tricky clues. In the end we found our treasure in something that is “green by being blue”. Hmmm… what could that be? We finally figured it out, the large blue recycle bins!

Here is the first clue... hmmm....
Treasure found!
After the wonderful hunt E and I headed over to my Grandma’s for another Easter feast. We started out having cocktails and appetizers and I even had a little present for everyone. Then we headed outside where my grandma had hidden eggs in her beautiful garden and my mom had hidden treats. We laughed and joked as everyone hunted for eggs in the ivy, tulips and rocks. Soon E and I also found an Easter platter my mom had hidden with even more treats to devour.

We went back inside and continued with our appetizers while my grandma prepared a fantastic dinner. We had ham, cheesy potatoes, deviled eggs, asparagus, salad, orange rolls and strawberry cake for dessert. We laughed and talked well into the evening, and overall had a wonderful time.

Happy Easter!


  1. I hate how it was so cold as well!

    Deviled eggs and ham must be a world tradition. We had those too! And the farmhouse looks so cute.

  2. ok. worst pictures of me. ever.

  3. Should I take it down Chelsea?

  4. And which one are you referring to?

  5. Actually, the first one looks really cute on my mom's computer. On Joe's, my face is only half there. I look high in the other one, but you don't need to take it down. I was just kidding.


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