Monday, April 06, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Fresco is one of my all time favorite Utah restaurants. Back in high school, I was unable to attend Prom with E because I was in NYC for another school function, so after I returned E and I went to Fresco and pretended it was Prom. We've been going ever since.

Because it was my birthday, I chose that E and I go to Fresco for our special dinner. E made reservations and out of luck, we were able to trade for a window seat a few minutes after we were served bread. We ordered drinks and talked about visiting Italy and reminisced about how much we love Japan. Soon our appetizer was served, we ordered the antipasti plate which was the most wonderful assortment of French and Italian cheeses, hard salami, pruschetto, Italian olives and this really yummy sweet pickled stuff that we forgot to ask about. Soon we got our salads and our main courses, and as always, the night was speeding by way too fast. I had ordered a black linguini with a salty tomato based sauce and seared shrimp. E ordered a potato encrusted sea bass over lentils and squash. Both were fantastic.

At the end of my meal I was feeling so full that I could not eat another bite. E, who loves desserts, insisted that we order something. We decided on the rice pudding and coffee. The rice pudding came out in a tall cup with a beautiful sheet of melted and caramelized sugar on top. In addition, there were grapefruit slices laid on the top of the pudding that they had caramelized with the creme brulee torch. The effect was awesome, the entire dessert was fantastic and the night couldn’t have been better. It was a lovely birthday.

And check out all of these photos, all of them were taken with my new camera and all were taken without a flash in a very dimly lit restaurant! Love it!


  1. Happy Birthday! I love reading about your adventures! I wish I had been there to toast to you! ;)

    Talk to you soon!

  2. What a wonderful dinner! You look great! Happy belated birthday. I can see you had a fantastic time. :)

    BTW, I love your new camera. What a great gift!

  3. Happy late birthday!! Hope it was great!


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