Monday, April 06, 2009

Saturday the fun continues

E and I often joke how funny it is that I was born on April 3rd and his mom was born on April 4th. What is also weird, is that E and my mom both share a birthday month, yet they aren’t just a day apart. Anyway, because every year the day after my birthday it is my Mother-in-law's birthday, the fun always continues. On Saturday we joined E’s family at Royal Indian, another favorite restaurant, to have a Indian feast and open presents.

At 6:30 we arrived hungry and excited to be together. We ordered drinks and appetizers and joked about everything under the sun. Soon we began to open presents and I was delighted to get even more fantastic goodies. I got two lilac bushes that bloom all summer (a new variety!), a Home Depot gift card, a Millcreek Garden gift card, the entire set of Twilight books (yea!), and lots of other wonderful things. Connie (E’s mom) got lots of things she had been hoping for too including a new American Girl doll, a few doll accessories and a really neat pirate book.

Soon the food arrived and we all dug into our favorites, chicken and shrimp kurma, biryani, curry, allo mutter, naan, and more. We ate and ate and laughed about everything. Soon we were stuffed and all piled into the cars and headed to E’s family’s house for a fantastic dessert, lemon bunt cake. We laughed and talked some more, and a lucky few were able to finish their cake while the rest of us complained about how full we were. It was another fantastic evening.


  1. Joe looks ridiculous with that ribbon on his head!

  2. Chelsea, I tend to agree.

  3. Your dad also looks so mad! I hope one day he'll smile in a photo.


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