Tuesday, June 26, 2012

James says

James has been saying the funniest stuff as of late. When I was pregnant one of the things I was most excited about was when my children started talking, and saying funny things. Well the time has come! He cracks me up on a daily basis. I try to write things down when he says them, so I don't forget. Here's a few recent gems:
  • He hates diaper changes. Hates them. Acts like I'm shoving a nail through his foot. So to try to get him to hold still and stop the ever-loving crying, we've talked a lot about how a clean bum feels nice, and to have "poo-poos" on our bum hurts. Well now when you wipe his butt he says "that feels really nice!" in a high pitched soprano voice. So so funny.

  • He told me today "Salad makes Daddy very very happy!" (No idea why he thinks E loves salad so much, but he always talks about it).

  • When driving in the car "Come on Mr. Light! Turn green Mr. Light! No more red Mr. Light!" I have no idea where he learned mister from, or why the light is "Mr. Light" but adorable.

  • One night at bedtime he noticed he could see the sun shinning through the leaves and onto his wall. He told Daddy "the wall is blink-a-ling!"

  • He says "I think!" in the highest of the high voices and adds it to everything. For example "Murray Park sound good (and then he changes into his soprano voice) I think!"

  • He stepped on some rough dirt without shoes on the other day and said "it's really sparkly right here on my feet."

  • "I want to X-plore!"

  • Finally around Easter he understood that special gifts were from the Easter Bunny (he didn't quite get the concept at Christmas, so Santa will blow his mind next year). Whenever he sees something he really likes, he says "Easter Bunny brought this!" One day he told E that "Easter Bunny brought kitchen and living room and James's room. Really nice Easter Bunny!"

  • He thinks of random things out of the blue. He said "I love Puffer Pete so much!" today and "Honeydew is James's favorite" the other day.

  • And one last thing, he doesn't quite understand "me" and "you" yet. He always asks to "pick you up". He sometimes asks for a hug and says "a pick you up hug!" Melts me. 

I love this kiddo. More than he will ever know.


  1. The girl I babysit does the "pick you up" thing too, or at least she did. Come to think of it, I haven't heard her say it recently. But she always said "hold you". Or "holdchoo", as it actually came out like.

  2. I love those pics!


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