Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend - Part 1

We had such a lovely weekend celebrating all things Daddy. So lovely in fact, that I'll have to break the weekend into three blog posts in hopes of ever getting done.

On Saturday morning, after doing lots of "Daddy" things around the house (like making breakfast with James, mowing the lawn with James, and snuggling the little girl) we headed to our favorite park for a picnic.

Instead of packing a picnic we decided to splurge on hamburgers and fries from the food stand in the park. Then we laid a blanket out in the shade near our favorite spot to throw rocks and had a perfect outing.
We hardly ever give James soda, but we feel it is only fair to give him some if E and I are drinking it as well. When we do give it to him I pour half the soda out and mix it with half water, and he still LOVES it. He calls it "special drink" and he can not get enough.
We tried to get him to smile, but the root beer water mixture was just too delicious.
French fries and fry sauce (a Utah staple!) are good too.
I was as happy as can be with my sweet family, in the shade, with a hamburger. James was quite happy with his darn special drink.
After his drink was gone he went down to his favorite beach to throw rocks in the river.
More Father's Day fun coming up.

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  1. I love how you make every weekend a fun adventure!! Your family is beautiful.


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