Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day weekend continued on Sunday of course. After our fantastic day at the park and Snowbird we woke up and I made the most delicious breakfast for E. First up, lemon raspberry ricotta pancakes (lemon raspberry version is mentioned at the bottom). Oh my gosh, these were amazing! So creamy, so light, so wonderful. We also had a side of yukon gold and sweet potato home fries and the best bacon known to man from our local specialty meat shop. The entire meal was fantastic.
James is a good breakfast eater, loving most sweet things. This particular morning he spent breakfast licking syrup off his plate.
Later in the afternoon I made E pose for some photos with his two children. I love this one. James is so so sweet and Juliet, she's such a chunk. Love her little arm rolls.
She is seriously the best baby. So happy and so easy. Her amazing dress? A special gift from a friend.
We got James a water table for Easter and he hasn't shown much interest in it until now. Finally he found something that kept his attention. Splashing. And a lot of it.
E's family joined us in the backyard for a carne asada BBQ. (My Dad was out of town, and we will be seeing him this weekend.)
The entire time people were chatting and cooking, this guy was content to splash.
And splash. Check out his wet shirt!
At least it was easy to get big smiles from him.
E's brother David brought over fresh homemade salsa that was fantastic.
E cooked up the entire dinner. I tried to tell him he should be relaxing, it was Father's Day for him too, after all. He said being at the grill was relaxing for him.
Sweet girl got a little tired mid party, so we put her in her bouncer.
And she decided to take a little nap.

Sidenote: as we sat down for dinner E said his "Daddy sense" was tingling. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, James run with his blue cup from the water table and splash Juliet. He thought it was hilarious, Juliet, however, did not.

Side-sidenote: check out those thighs.
Dinner was served, and James's shirt was removed because he was drenched from head to toe.
After dinner the boys (James, Daddy, and his two uncles) decided to play a little ball. They ran all over the yard being sweet and wonderful to my little boy. James was in heaven.
See how much joy is on his face?
He's not too good at catching yet, but he was having a ball (haa! I'm so funny!).
What a happy weekend.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome, wonderful weekend my dear! It could not have been better!


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