Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Weekend - Part 2

Everyone out there needs to celebrate holidays like Mother's Day and Father's Day as an entire weekend. One day to celebrate Daddy? No way! Two days is the minimum for sure.

So after our picnic in the park and naps, we headed up to Snowbird for the afternoon.

Last year we went to Snowbird a lot in the summer, and each time we went we checked to see if the Forever Young Playground was open. It was closed the entire season. This year however, it was open again and it is seriously so cool. And when it's blasting hot in the valley, a mountain playground is the only way to play.
And you can't beat the view.
This little girl is growing so much. At her four month appointment I found out she is in the 75% for weight and 95% for height! Wow baby!
James wasn't as interested in the playground as he was this tiny little mountain stream that he found. Once I saw him start throwing rocks, I made a cozy place for Juliet, because I knew we'd be there for awhile.
He spends most of his time in the woods hunting for the best rocks.
And she couldn't help but coo and talk to the sky, the trees, the clouds, the sunshine.

Once a big big big rock was discovered, it was proudly brought to the stream. (Yes, this was the second time he got to throw rocks into a river in one day. Whatever makes him happy!)
Big splashes get big smiles.
And the reason for the celebration is this guy. One of the millions of things I adore about this man? He wants to spend every moment he's not at work with his family. Never does he want to have time without us, which of course means the world.
Simple pleasures. Love how this just speaks "boyhood" to me.
After he'd located all the biggest rocks, I crossed the stream to help him locate a few more.
And I was rewarded with the biggest smiles of all.
We were hoping to take a Tram ride at Snowbird, like we did last year, but alas, the Tram was closed due to maintenance (boo). So instead, we spent a lot of time at the tiny mountain stream and then finished the night with a Mexican Dinner at the Cliff Lodge where we sat outside and overlooked the canyon.

All in all it was a fantastic way to celebrate E.

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