Friday, June 22, 2012

My week according to Instagram

1. He still loves the pine tree next door. We visit it at least three times a day. 2. Eyes.

3. Since Juliet is now going to bed at seven, I have some time to myself for the first time in ages. Last night I went to the thrift stores (something I always enjoy) and got all these goodies for $9.96! 4. James - June 2010, Juliet - June 2012

5. Beautiful morning at the park. 6. Spraying a sprinkler on his Mama, which of course is hilarious.

7. Eating ice cream on our patio, enjoying the sunset with my sweet husband. 8. Only photo from our dinner at Snowbird. Juliet was fussy and cried a bit. Finally she drifted off.

9. Every morning for the last ten or so years I've put two sugar cubes in my coffee. Sugar cubes are becoming harder and harder to find, and they no longer carry them at any of my local stores. These were my last two. The end of an era. 10. Yee-ha!

11. This vintage romper was mine when I was a babe. It reads "thank heaven for little girls" 12. This kiddo has not been going to bed well. He wakes up grumpy in the morning because of his late night the night before. My only solution? Start shortening his crazy long naps. He does not want to get up.

13. Wheeler Farm date with my sis. James found a rock. 14. Another day, another park (oh wait, judging by the outfit, it seems as if it was the same day, we often visit two parks in a day). This one has the best tree fort.

15. "Looks like a beautiful day Mama!"  16. Chunky monkey at her four month appt. She looks a bit filled out. ;)

17. Only good thing about waking a boy from his naps? He's willing to snuggle for a bit. 18. Summer reds, me and my boy.

19. So much drool. 20. Our bedtime routine just got 50% crazier. (He asks for jammie hat almost every night).

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  1. Loving that cute sailboat dress you found!

    Totally having the same issue with the almost 2.5 year old that I nanny. I hate to shorten his naps but taking him too long to fall asleep at night!


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