Friday, June 29, 2012

My extremely hot week {according to Instagram}

Oh man it's been roasting around these parts. This is how I spent the last extremely hot week:

1. Short (thrifted!) dresses and leg rolls in the shade.  2. He found a forgotten piece of charcoal. And he looks like a puppy dog!

3. We still take a lot of walks when its early, and James's favorite part of any walk is throwing rocks in the ditch up the road. Our sweet neighbor helps him locate the biggest rocks.  4. Lots and lots of water activities. James simply adores the sprinkler.

5. Weekly visits to see Nana. 6. Late morning bedtime snuggles (James was waking at 6:30 am but now is sleeping until 8:00! Whoa!!)

7. Daddy took James to the pool last weekend and the girls stayed home in the AC.  8. Picnic in the mountains when it's 100 degrees in the valley.

9. Stay until sunset. 10. Last light at Silver Lake.

11. This little girl loves her Daddy! 12. We didn't know what to do last Sunday when it was 100 degrees, smoky, and windy so we decided on the Aquarium. It was Juliet's first visit and she was mesmerized (just like James was on his first visit!).

13. One night James pulled everything out of his crib and slept on the floor. What a goof!  14. Another day he woke up and the first things out of his mouth was "I want ice cream!" so later that day we decided on an ice cream date.

15. My sister nannies the two cutest boys. Best thing? Now we have play dates and it is a little surreal, it feels like we are both Mamas. The younger boy loves babies and gave Juliet a hug and kiss. 16. All three boys playing in the backyard on the slide. It was so so hot.  (Both of these last photos are from my sis, follow her @neverhappier on Instagram!)

PS - I made it MUCH easier to leave comments (no more of that horrible word verification). I'm not asking for comments per se (I do love them so!), but wanted to let you know that if you want to leave one, it's easier now. ;)


  1. Yay on easier comments!

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    So much fun!! I love spending time with you and the kiddos

    Auntie Melissa

  3. Love you blog!

    Now I will be able to comment from the iphone. :)


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