Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lagoon Day 2012

One of the many perks about E's company is the annual trip to the amusement park. The company pays for the entire family's admittance and food. It is seriously awesome. Each year E's family looks forward to Lagoon Day even more than we do. Everyone wants to see James go on rides and they are always eager to spend the day with the family.

Yesterday was HOT. Like really hot. We decided to go late in the day and spend only as long and James wanted to. We ate and chatted with E's coworkers and James asked us to go on a couple of rides (even one alone!). We didn't want to pressure him at all, so when he asked, we were all thrilled that he was willing.

Now onto more photos than you likely care to see:
First ride of the day was the Merry-go-round. James chose the sweet gray kitty to ride.
 James was very focused on watching the rides and deciding what to choose.
Finally he choose this space ship one. It was one where the kiddo rode alone. E and I asked him a couple of times if he wanted to go on, and he never wavered. "Yes!" he said.

Once the ride started we thought we might get tears, but no, look at this smile!!
 He chose the blue ship all himself and was thrilled.
 He went "up down up down and around and around!"
 Lots of photos because he was just so sweet.
 We went on the kiddo swings.

 What an adoring crowd. Seriously, everyone's face is so full of love. James has quite a fan club.
After our Old Timey photos were taken we were super duper hot. James asked for the big waterfall ride and once on it decided he hated it. His little head was so low he couldn't see over the darn edge of the boat. The big splash was fun, however.
 Near the end of the ride I let him stand up.
 And one more funny Old Timey photo, we are such a silly group.
And one of just my family, because James's and Juliet's face just kill me. James was not happy. He didn't like the costume or the heat, or sitting still for that matter. When the workers told us to all make a serious face, James made the most serious of all. ;)
PS - Juliet was there. Other than the photos of her in the group shot, she mostly hung out and slept in the stroller the entire time. Such an easygoing baby! Didn't even get a photo of her, but she looked adorable.

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