Thursday, June 07, 2012

Going-ons - Instagram style

I missed last week's Instagram post, so this is what's been going on for the last two weeks. Double the photos, double the fun. :)

1. Throwing rocks at the park. I caught the splash! 2. Baby in a bonnet, sunshine, a perfect day in the park.

3. Hot day, naked baby. 4. Baby goats near our house again! This one is only a week old!

5. Back to Temple Quarry Trail for throwing rocks 6. "I give owl a nice hug."

7. My baby girl. 8. Out to breakfast over the long weekend. James spent the entire time on the suspension bridge over the river.

9. Even more rock throwing. 10. Garden baby.

11. Pensive baby with her favorite finger 12. New park near us opened and it has a splash pad! James is in love.

13. "I sit near Mabel." 14. "What's Juliet's eyes named?"

15. Beautiful view from one of our favorite parks. 16. First snow cone of the season! We asked what flavor James wanted, suggesting things like strawberry, peach, orange. He ordered "blue". So cute.

17. Darkened nursery. Juliet napped in her crib and for the first time it lasted longer than thirty minutes! 18. Tree climbing. He said "I'm as tall as Mommy!"

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