Monday, February 16, 2015

Great Salt Lake Bird Refuge

On Valentine's Day we decided to do something we love best of all, go explore a place we'd never been. I oftentimes dream of living in the mountains, near a river, but really, I wonder if I'd long for a big city. I love exploring and doing something I've never done before.

And I've been thinking about living internationally more again. Maybe one day I'd like to live in Rome. Or Florence. Or Kyoto. Guess I'll have to talk to E about that one. ;)
Back to our day, sorry about the ramble. I'd read on Salt Project's blog that the Great Salt Lake Nature Center was really neat.
We arrived, expecting to have the place to ourselves, but were pleasantly surprised to find them having a bald eagle event, with some other birds of prey to look at and lots of other people as interested in eagles as we were. 
We were told that due to our warm winter many bald eagles had already migrated north. Such a bummer, but understandable because we didn't see a single one down at the farmhouse a couple weeks ago. Luckily, this red tail hawk was around to admire. 
We took a little walk around the trails and the board walks, hoping to see some wildlife. We saw muskrats, tons of mice, and a few herons. Awesome! 
And right before we were ready to leave I spotted this guy! A bald eagle. Such a lucky spotting since the nature center hadn't reported a single sighting all day. Yea! 

Farmington Bay is really unstated beauty. Especially this time of year. Lots of brown on brown, but the still water and boardwalks, plus the animal activity was quite pretty, in an understated way. 
Happy Valentine's! 
Other things we did to make the long weekend special:
  • E and I went to the lounge and had dinner at Grand America. It was amazing. 
  • Took a hike to Ensign Peek. Juliet hiked the entire way!
  • Visited Park City which is our Valentine's tradition
  • Enjoyed the warm weather with grilling steaks, visiting foxy park, and playing outside every moment

It was a fantastic weekend. 

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