Thursday, February 05, 2015

Winter at the farmhouse

Three winters ago we went to the farmhouse with one kiddo. I was nine months pregnant and enjoying the last weekends as a family of three. That winter was so mild. Not a trace of snow and warm enough to not wear coats.

This winter has reminded me so much of the winter Juliet was born. It has been so mild. It's snowed all day only once (which happened to be Christmas day!) and it got warm again quickly after. We've had a touch of rain, but really it's been a warm and dry winter.

While I love snowy winters (it's the gray cold days without snow I hate), I also don't mind a mild winter at all. Sun and blue skies and temperatures that beg for bike rides make January bearable.
To make the most of mild days we've been visiting all of our favorite parks, the zoo, the garden, and of course the farmhouse. On the way down we often times stop at The Little Acorn in Spanish Fork. The shadow fighter sandwich is what dreams are made of.
Once at the farmhouse we spent every moment outdoors. We took long bike rides, found the irrigation ditches still running, explored our favorite old barn and laughed the entire day. 
Not once did we wish we were home watching the Super Bowl.
And three winters later, this little mischievous girl isn't so little anymore. On Sunday she turns three! What an amazing three years it's been.


  1. WOW! How big does Miss J look in that last shot! Looking forward to seeing how she celebrates 3.

  2. Yea! Happy Sunday Birthday to Juliet!! And if you want snow, we have it here in CO, but it is about to warm up here too! Happy weekend!


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