Monday, February 09, 2015

A berry sweet girl is turning three!

About a month ago I asked Juliet what type of birthday party she'd like. I offered some ideas on a theme (Octonauts, Queen Elsa, etc.) and she was intent on a "strawberry party" which is pretty much the cutest theme ever. No idea where she came up with the idea, but the fact that she loves berries and pink, it seemed fitting.
We decided to invite a few little friends over to a cupcake bakery not far from our house. She chose a tiny guest list and eagerly waited for her "birfday" party to arrive.
These two adore each other. Giving James a sibling was the best thing I ever gave him. And Juliet would be lost without her "best sweet brofer".
All strawberry birthday parties need a big plate of strawberries, strawberry lemonade and pink cups to drink from.
This little girl got right to eating her favorite berries.
Her little cousin Emilia is only a year behind Juliet (turning two this spring!) and it is so fun to watch their relationship bloom.
Juliet had quite a few choices on birthday attire. I was thinking of the pink dress from Feltman, but the strawberry skirt won out.
This birthday girl was all smiles.

First we decorated crowns.

This little girl has been our friend since before Juliet's birth. Her Mama gave me donuts hoping to induce labor on the exact day Juliet was born three years ago. Kinda magic to have her and her girls at Juliet's party three years later.
Lots and lots of cute presents.
Crown decorating is serious business.

Her pose to show off her crown.

Soon it was time for all the queens and kings to tour the cupcake bakery. They learned where everything was baked, mixed and sliced. Here they learn how the carrots are shredded for carrot cake.
After the tour it was time to decorate their own cupcakes. Three year olds love to decorate cupcakes, and it is what we did for James's third birthday as well.
Each kid was so serious with their frosting duties.
Birthday girl's strawberry cupcake!
She was so sweet, we all sang her "Happy Birthday" and she sang right along with all of us.
James made sure not to waste any frosting.

How cute are Juliet's little friends? And Juliet with another pose!

She did such a good job opening presents, saying nice things after each one and thanking everyone.

Juliet's best buddy is this guy that lives across the street. James's best buddy is his older brother, so we see a lot of them. Neighborhood friends are the best.
And forced three year old smiles are the sweetest. Happy birthday bunny!

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