Sunday, September 14, 2014

Favorite outfit {Strawberry Shortcake Princess Dress}

Juliet has many many clothes that fall into my favorite category. I only buy what I love, and only keep what I adore. But, that said, she still has a closet bursting with beautiful things to wear.

And I don't even spend very much on her wardrobe, if you can believe it. About half of what she wears comes from thrift stores, and many of my favorite pieces fit for longer than a year, because dresses just get shorter and turn into tunics.

One trick I have with buying James and Juliet new things is always buy big. She's a tall girl anyway, but I'd rather have it too big and fit for an extra year than fit perfectly now and grow out of it too soon.

When I saw this skirt on Next Direct I knew it had to be mine. I really love bunnies and toadstools. And, when I received it I was so happy to see a full embroidered picture on the back of the skirt (very rare in kids clothes) of a mouse and strawberries.
The little over the shoulder suspenders totally seal the deal.
She calls it her "strawberry shortcake princess dress" and she told me it's her favorite. Oh, and her black boots?! A total splurge, but something I've wanted for her for a year. Expect to see a lot more of them, they are darling in person and seriously so tiny!
Outfit details -
Skirt and shirt - Next Direct (still available here). I ordered size 3/4 I think!
Boots - Nordstrom

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