Sunday, September 07, 2014

September love

Things I love:
Flowers, baby girl dresses, blue skies, happy waterfall loving boys, shade, September, my little girl, my husband, and having the entire garden to ourselves.
Yesterday we felt like it was cool enough to venture out to Thanksgiving Point Garden again. We haven't been since spring, and since there is so much area to cover, we really wanted a cooler day.
Going to the garden in September is a wise choice. Everything is huge and colorful and perfect. Plus, the roses are back.

The kids were happy (after a early meltdown from the littler one), plus James was wearing his favorite shirt and Juliet was in one of my favorite vintage dresses.
AND they spotted an airplane!
This girl is so stubborn. Try to change her ways she pushes harder than ever. Finally E decided to let her rest in the shade and tickle him, and all of a sudden she was as happy as can be. Success!
This guy was beyond happy. He loves visiting the garden, and the water features are his favorite places of all. He was so flushed because he is at the age where he never walks. He runs everywhere, and fast.
I got some amazing photos of this girl because she was being schievous (a word of my own invention that describes me, and her, to a T. It means "scheming" and "mischievous"). She kept pulling petals off the zinnias after being told numerous times to stop. Oh but it was so funny!
I intentionally dressed Juliet in the same dress she wore last year. One plus to having a big round baby is big clothes. And when they slim out a ton they still fit! Even a year later! (Check out this post of her when she was only 16 months wearing this darling vintage dress again.)
Because I knew the light and the flowers would be perfect we bought some special gummy bears to bribe the kids with for nice smiles. James stopped every few feet and asked for a photo then requested a candy. Sweet kiddo.
I was intent on capturing the two of them in a spot I've captured them before. E did some fall down gymnastics behind me and I caught this gem.
Last year. Oh I love it so. 
And the year before. These photos have made it onto the cover of our yearly photo albums and I feel like the one we took this year just may make the cut too!
I really really love September gardens. And watching my kids grow. Juliet starts ballet tomorrow. Full report to come.

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