Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rivers, oh we love rivers

Oh we love rivers in this family. So when the weather was perfect over the weekend we packed up a picnic and headed to our favorite camp site near home. Come to find out Tanner's Flat doesn't accept picnics on Saturday nights because they fill up with campers. After some nice smiles and pleading from my part we got a picnic site.
But Tanner's Flat picnics are not about the food. Or the picnic. It's all about the river.

Oh, and the rocks nearby that make perfect climbing spots.
James has become a master rock scrambler and found his way out to the middle of the river on his own to see the waterfall. Luckily I was close behind.
This boy is growing out of little kid-dom. He's not a little kid any more. He's just a kid. And it's crazy.
 And because he's not a little kid, he's not afraid of some serious rock scrambling.
He is happier here than anywhere else in the world. I don't post much here about his love for rivers and waterfalls, but my Instagram feed is full of it. There is even a hashtag #throwingrockswithjames that has well over 100 photos. He just loves water.
And just a screen shot of my throwing rocks with James hashtag. Oh this boy. I love him for his passion for life.  (Juliet also has a river hashtag aptly named #julietlovesrivers and it's just as darling.)

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  1. Beautiful photos! Fun activity!!! Thanks for sharing!


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